Registration and files

  • How many times can I register?As often as one wishes to do so.
  • How many projects may I submit?As many as one wishes to submit.
  • If I have more than one project, what should I do?You can upload as many projects as you want using the same registration code.
  • How many projects can I load with a single registration code?As many as you want.
  • How often can I use the access code?Every time you have a new project to load.
  • Is group participation allowed?Yes.
  • Who is not admitted to this contest?The winners and honorable mentions of previous editions are excluded.
  • How many files can be presented?3 files must be presented for each project, the three renderings must be submitted using .jpg format with 150 dpi resolution and 210x297 mm dimensions (A4 size), bearing the project title corresponding to those presented on the registration form.
  • When is the deadline for contest registration?Registration and renderings must be uploaded by 11.59 p.m. on 28th February 2018.
  • What type of file can I upload on the site?.jpg with 150 dpi resolution and 210x297 mm dimensions (A4 size).


  • Who can apply? Participation is free and to creative individuals from any country. This contest is for young creatives born after 01/01/1983, who will have the opportunity to develop innovative ICONS projects
  • What is the aim of the contest?We ask young designers to rediscover and develop the inspiration and the aesthetic appeal hidden within daily bathroom rituals, especially in the use of its most peculiar elements, with the purpose to create iconographic products that are consistent with Cristalplant’s features and with Falper’s tone of voice, choosing from the following categories:
    » Top-mounted, wall-hung and free- standing washbasins
    » Wall-hung and top-mounted hand washbasins
    » Bath tubs
  • Do I have to send a prototype? May I send one?No, it is not necessary. No prototype is required.
  • May I submit my project to other contests?After May 1st, 2018.
  • Shall I retain the intellectual property of the project?Yes.


  • Must my name/surname appear on the file/.jpg?No, only the pseudonym and project title must appear.
  • What about the prize?The projects selected upon the jury’s final decision shall be presented to the public and the press during the award ceremony. The jury will choose the winner among the selected designs, which will be included in the catalogue. There are therefore significant opportunities of increased visibility for the winner, who will be able to join famous designers and face important growth possibilities.
  • When shall prize-giving take place?The awards ceremony will be held during Milan’s furniture fair Salone del Mobile, as part of the Fuorisalone events on 11, Via Palermo. The selected projects will be presented to the public and press during the awards ceremony to be held on Wednesday April 18, 2018.
  • When shall the winners be announced?The winning projects shall be announced in April 2018.
  • Do I get a certificate of attendance or formative credits?Yes, automatically as your project is uploaded.


  • Il CRISTALPLANT non viene prodotto in lastre ma solo iniettato in stampi, quindi i progetti pensati per la produzione di lastre incollate non verranno selezionati.
  • CRISTALPLANT isn’t produced in sheets but only injected into molds, for this reason all projects designed for the production of glued sheets will not be selected.
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